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Kayla Pack and Sabriena Perron

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I hate teachers! [Nov. 17th, 2004|03:25 pm]
Kayla Pack and Sabriena Perron
Teachers are gay... they yell at you for having mints in class... OMG it was a mint. well im gonna tell u what happened. Me, Alex Alvarez, and Michael G were in 4th period with "a certain teacher"and i had some mints and i ate one and gave one to them two and then "the certain teacher" is like "NO! You three over there" and we got yelled at because we had "candy" which is really messed up. I dont like skoool, we all should drop out except i would never see a certain someone ever again.. so i am not gonna drop out. lol. I kno im stupid. well i love everyone and my day just really sucked hope urs was good.. if it was dont tell me cuz i will piss on you! jk. well laterz peps.
ps i am really pissed i have to talk to jake and it is important and i didnt get a chance to and its all ur fault! SCREW YOU!! grr....

hey all. sad. who cares. bye. </3 brina